Gorgeous Little Heike-mother




I am so lucky having an elderly Collie, my sweetheart Little Heike-mother is when I write this more than 14 years young. 

There are a lot of things you can do to make your wonderful elderly dog more comfortable.

A - Of course you will give you dog a checkup at your veterinarian at least once a year with blood tests and urine test and an overall check. If you should notice anything different with your dog between checkups, like problems with appetite, weight loss, behavior  etc etc – then of course you take your dog for a check again.

B – It’s extremely important to give your dog a healthy and

nutrition food. I have used home cooked and/or raw food

for all of my Collies for decades.

Here you can read what I feed my Collies : nutrition

It’s also important to keep your dog slim. It’s hard for

their joints and mobility if they are obese.

Give your dog Cosequin and extra Omega 3 if he/she

has joint problems. Should your dog be obese get

help from your veterinarian to put up a diet

C – Exercise is extremely important.

This also helps them maintain a healthy body weight.

In the summer it’s great to let them swim – a fantastic

form of exercise.  My Collies are swimming in the sea

the whole summer every year. As they get older it can

be hard for them to keep up when you are hiking and

maybe have other dogs too.  I have found that a bike

and carriage are great for my elderly lady.  She is with

us on all hiking’s, but can relax in the carriage many

times when she feels for it.

D – Don’t forget the teeth, to take care of your dog’s teeth is extremely

important.  Tooth ache and dental disease is very painful, and make it difficult

to eat. Start at an early age to brush your pups teeth. 

If you are clever at taking care of their teeth you probably won’t get your

veterinarian to clean them. Homemade food also make it easier to have clean teeth. Read more about teeth here and here

E – It’s absolutely normal that your elderly dog hear and see a bit poorer. Then it’s important to make sure there are no dangerous objects where they walk, and you might use a babygate in front of stairs etc. And don’t forget a dog can live perfectly fine with a poorer eyesight and hearing, you just have to be a bit more careful. A senior that have vison loss from cataracts, might with surgery reverse the problem.

F – Your elderly dog might develop arthritis or other

type of joint problems, that make it harder for them

to get around. A ramp – you can make yourself –

can be used for them getting in the car or the

sofa/bed etc. I can

absolutely recommend “Back-On-Track” blanket

for a senior to lay on (have a thick soft blanket

under the “Back-On-Track”).  Make sure their

bed are soft to relieve pressure on the joints. 

Hydrotherapy and massage can be effective. 

Supplements as Cosequin and C-vitamins can be


Please do NOT use Rimadyl as a painkiller – it’s not

just a painkiller it might kill your dog at the

same timejust as Rimadyl killed my wonderful

Collie Sammie – Read her story here

G – Do not forget to give your senior dog mental stimulation.

Let them visit new places, your pet will benefit by being exposed

to new sights, sounds, and smells. Learn them new tricks. 

My Little Heike-mother learned to find chanterelles in an

age of 14 year and 5 months. You can give them


This will keep their minds and body working.

Read about my senior learning to find Chanterelles : here

H – And of course you should cuddle them a lot, tell them many

times a day that you love them, physical contact is extremely

important. Be with your senior as often as you can – you will

never regret.

Different things you can do at home : if you have

a slippery floor – use baby sock with anti-slip on

them (use velcro to prevent them from falling

off) – this can help them from slipping. 

Have a rug in front of the waterbowl to prevent

your senior

from slipping.

And when you are out hiking – use a “Back-on-Track” frock on them to prevent them from getting cold back and joints.

Enjoy your senior, these days are so precious.

Little Heike-mother eating her homemade dindin, picture taken April 4 2015
From left TengelMan, Little Heike-mother, Wild Villemo
Little Heike-mother swimming, picture taken June 11 2016
Little Heike-mother
From left TengelMan, Wild Villemo and Little Heike-mother,
Little Heike-mother getting her teeth brushed
Little Heike-mothers teeth - at 14 year of age
Little Heike-mother on her "Back-On-Track" blanket
Little Heike-mother
Anti-slippery socks
Little Heike-mother with her "Back-On-Track" frock

In my wildest imagination I would never have thought that Little Heike-mother would end her life (be killed) because of an incompetent veterinarian

Little Heike-mother was born april 20 2002 - and in the end was killed by her veterinarian january 10 2017.

It's heartbreaking

read more  : here

Little Heike-mother got acute paralysis in her hind legs.  What did the veterinarian do ?

No x-ray, no referring to a CT or MR. 

Nooooooo, this incompetent veterinarian gave Little Heike-mother acupuncture/laser nothing else.

I do wonder if this veterinarian is worse than a quack