From left TengelMan, Wild Villemo, Little Heike-mother summer 2015

December 16

* My dear Villemo died unecspected september 11 2021

* Rainbow Bridge - here

* Villemo's page - here

June 11

* My dear TengelMan died today june 11 2018

* Rainbow Bridge - here

June 10

*TengelMan was admitted to the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science today.

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May 18

* Little Heike-mother's page - here  (scroll Down)

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May 2

* Treats - homemade blueberry, banana-cookies with milk - here

* New Button - Proverb/Ordtak - here

April 23

* Recipes treats etc have got a new site - here       

April 19

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March 30

We wish everyone a peaceful and wonderful Easter.

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March 11

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March 8

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January 14

* Puppyplans - here

* At stud - here

January 11

* Still some changes (text) on Little Heike-mother's page - here

January 10

* Today it's exactly 1 year since Little Heike-mother had to say goodbye to a life     

   she loved so much because her veterinarian didn't treat her condition

* Some changes on Little Heike-mothers page - here

  And of course she has also been on both front- and backcover of Norwegian Collie   

  Club Magazine + also on the front cover of Swedish Collie Club Magazine - Pictures

  of these are at the bottom of her page

January 3

*Some changes on TengelMan's page - here

December 28

Found a picture of baby Samantha - here - how incredible cute she was

December 24

* Fourth Sunday of Advent

* From All of Us to All of You A Very Merry Christmas, and hope Your Christmas

   with be filled Joy. May the Lord's light brighten your day and may His love warm

   your heart

December 20

* Sammie on the frontcover of Norwegian Collie Club Magazine 1 2006 - here

   (the picture on the bottom of her own page) She is also on the front cover of

   number  1 1998 - cool 

December 17

* Third Sunday of Advent

* Taking Care of Your Dog At Christmas - here

December 12

* News on Little Heike-mother's page (bottom of the page)  - here

* New picture on Samantha’s page (bottom of the page) - here

   I am looking through my old Norwegian Collie Club Magazines and couldn’t

   remember that I have used my own Collies (and also puppies born here) on several

   front- and back-covers. I have published one on Sheppegutt’s page and here are

   one that I now publish on Samantha’s page (more will come)

* Nutrition - (homemade treats) - pumpkin and peanutbutter treats - here

* New Link - here and here

December 10

* Health /More on this page : "What is "normal" in your dog ? + first aid kit" - here

      (Direct link here Choking/Heimlich Maneuver, bottom of the page, text, video

       and illustration)

* Some more Christmaspictures on the frontpage

* Second sunday of Advent

December 6

* New picture on Sheppegutt’s page, some years ago I used a picture of Sheppegutt

   on the front of our Norwegian Collie Club Magazine (bottom of his page)  -  here

* I have put up a new link – here - Do you know what kind of ingredients it is in the

   kibble you buy ? Some pet food is recycled garbage     

December 3

1 sunday of Advent // Winterpicture on the frontpage

* Nutrition - (homemade treats): pumpkin, cinnamon and peanut biscuits - here

November 25

*  Little Heike-mother's incompetent veterinarian gave her the first "death

    injection" without telling me.  English og norsk text - here

                                                      ( bottom of the page )

November 18

* Some changes on Ladies see here - Sammies page ( here ) -I have also written about the rumors and slander people said about Sammie making a Swedish male sterile – WITHOUT even mating (the male didn’t dare to mate Sammie and even AFTER he was diagnosed sterile by a veterinarian when we was there to check his sperm he was lent out to other breeders, of course he never gave puppies). 

* Some changes on Gentlemen see here - Sheppegutt's page ( here )

* More pictures on Samanthas page too - here

November 15

* Nutrition - (homemade treats): pumpkin and peanut biscuits - here

* Rainbow Bridge - a new picture - here

November 11

* Health - "New years eve and firework", some tips - here

* More Pictures on Herding (both pages) - here

* Health - some news on "poisonous food for dogs" - here

November 5

* Health - (poisoning) - here  (site is still under construction)

November 2

* Health - here  (site is still under construction)

* Nutrition (homemade treats) : potato- and coconut-oil biscuits - here

* Name of the cancer-treatment my Samantha got (on her page)  - here

* New link both on Rainbow Bridge (bottom of the page) - here and Links - here

  If you should been unable to keep you dear and beloved dogs for various reasons

   like death etc  etc – here in Norway it’s a great idea to contact – Solplassen ////

   Skulle du av en eller annen grunn måtte omplassere dine kjære hunder av ulike

   årsaker, dødsfall etc etc så er det et godt alternativ å ta kontakt med - Solplassen

October 22

* Some News on Little Heike-mothers page, English og norsk text - here

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October 16

* Some changs on Ladies see here - Annabelle Samantha's page ( here )

October 15

* Changes in "About Us" (both English og norsk text) - here

* Fikk spørsmål om å oversette diktet "This is why dogs never die" til norsk og har

   oversatt det "Hunder dør aldri – de sover i ditt hjerte"- nederst på siden - her

October 7

* Rainbow Bridge - here  (bottom of the page, also with some helpful links)

October 4

* New Link - here    / Senior Dog Project

* Correct link at Rimadyl - bottom of the page - here

October 1

* Some News on Little Heike-mothers page, English og norsk text - here

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* Yummy Saturday evening furbaby  smoothie / Namnam lørdagssmoothie til ditt 

   firbeinte familiemedlem - here

September 28

* Rimadyl - here

September 26

* Written some on the page "Taking care of Your elderly dog" - here

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September 21

* Some News on Little Heike-mothers page, English og norsk text  - here

* Banana & Peanut Butter pupsycles / Banan- og peanøttsmør-isbiter til hundene - here

September 14

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September 12

* More on Little Heike-mother - here News on both her pages.  Norsk og engelsk text.

September 10

Today it's 8 months since my Little Heike-mother lost her life (really killed) by a veterinarian that didn't follow generally accepted professional standards.

* New button - Little Heike-mother - here

* Updated information on the button Rimadyl English text - here

* Oppdatert informasjon på Rimadyl siden, norsk text - her

January 29

* Rainbow Bridge - here // Little Heike-mother's page - here // Ladies - here

January 10

Terrible terrible day - I had to say goodbye to Little Heike-mother

After talking to a lot of veterinarians it’s no doubt that Little Heike-mother didn’t get the proper treatment required for her condition. It’s hard to know that when Little Heike-mother needed me the most I didn’t check better that she got what she needed, now it’s too late and she is dead. I can’t understand how I so blindly could trust her veterinarian. Yes, absolutely great with both acupuncture and laser, but she should have had an x-ray (CT or MR) done and then be treated for her primary cause. (To be a victim of malpractice is a type of negligence in, which the professional under a duty to act, fails to follow generally accepted professional standards. It is committed by a professional on behalf of a patient that causes damages to the patient)


Etter å ha snakket med utallige veterinærer er det nå ingen tvil om at Lille Heike-mor ikke fikk den helt korrekte behandlingen for sin tilstand. Det er vondt og vanskelig å vite at når lille Heike-mor trengte meg som mest så passet jeg ikke på at hun fikk det hun trengte, nå er det for sent og hun er død. Jeg kan ikke forstå hvordan og hvorfor jeg stolte så blindt på hennes veterinær.  Ja, helt supert med bl.a. akupunktur og laser, men det skulle vært tatt røntgen eventuelt CT og MR og så behandlet primærårsaken. (å være et offer for Feilbehandling er en type uaktsomhet foretatt av profesjonelle, som omfatter skade forårsaket av undersøkelse, diagnostikk, behandling, eller unnlate å behandle og diagnostisere etter allment aksepterte profesjonelle standarder, eller informasjonssvikt ved ytelse av helsehjelp fra profesjonelle)