Echuca Chieftain Sarek Going North

BH NVCH + Certified Cadaverdog


Born july 24 2005 HD - Free and CEA - Free


Sarek, is living with Ellinor here in Norway

He is an excellent tracker and he was the third Collie in Norway that became a certified cadaverdog (just beaten by his littersister and litterbrother)

In conformation he has several res.CC

Winner of "The Red Prize" in conformation 2007

Has debutated in bloodtracking with a superb 1.prize

Today june 20 2009, he got a 1.prize in obedience and was The Winning Dog of all classes in Narvik. He is now qualified for class 2

He became Norwegian Tracking Champion september 6 2009

Collie of the year in Obedience 2009

Collie of the year in bloodtracking 2009

Winner of the "Red Prize" in obedience 2009

In obedience he has debutated in class 3 by winning the class

2010 Dog of the year in obedience (class 1 to Elit) Tromsø Dogclub

2010 Tromsøchampion in obedience class 3 and the winner also in obedience all classes

Debutated in obedience class Elite june 25 2011 by winning the class

Passed his BH - test may 13 2012

Debutated in Tracking july 7 2012, was approved, won Class D, and qualified for class C

Tromsø-Champion in obedience class Elite 2012

Winner of Echuca Working Collies Peregrine Prize 2012

Winner of the "Red Prize in tracking 2012"

"Collie of the year in Tracking 2012"