Dantos Good Luck Heike To Echuca



Born April 20 2002 - died january 10 2017,  as a victim of medical malpractice from her veterinarian

lived 14 years 7 months and 20 days

HD - Free

CEA - Free

Sad and heartbreaking to say - and know - that with the correct treatment for her condition she would have lived so much longer

Gorgeous Little Heike-mother
Gorgeous Little-Heike-mother's face

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My third lady was Little Heike-mother, I wanted a lady where Sammie was in the lines.  I was extremely lucky that Wanda and Lasse in Sweden used Wim (son of Sammie) on one of their females, and that I was able to get my lady.  She got the fancy name Dantos Good Luck Heike To Echuca, and what a happy-go lucky and playful pup.

I started to train her when I got her 8 weeks young,

and her first months was “full speed ahead”, she

wanted so much.  How I love that kind of “crazy and

outgoing” pups. Even if they are a bigger challenge

then pups that are more calm, a “crazy and outgoing”

pup are so much better in the long run. To be honest

I don’t like many of these calmly type of Collies that I

often see, they seem ”dead” inside with no stamina.

I must thank Little Heike-mother’s breeders, Wanda and

Lasse, that from day one was taking an interest in her and

wanted to know what happened with her, which I do appreciate.

That’s a kind of breeder we all want to get our fur-baby from,

they would also take back any pup they have produced if something

should happen (can't ask for more from a superb breeder).

It has never been difficult to see that Little Heike-mother was the granddaughter of Sammie. She  was enormously eager to work and from day one she was always ready for some fun and to learn new things.  And fun for her is working SAR,

obedience, tracking and least of all herding sheep.

When she detect the training equipment she’s ready

in a flash.

She was also strong-willed, was extremely eager,

“horrible” nosy and always trying her best. Oh yes

she could also be extremely irritating when she

thought she was right. 

With a lady like this of course she get some injuries,

like when she was zooming through the wood and got

an injure on her eye, I think she was 10 or 11 years young. 

She also manage to crack one of her molars, that had to

be operated. Some sprained legs she also managed – but

a couple of days on Tramadol she was as good as new.

She was a very very healthy lady both mentally and

physically. She lived up to absolute all my expectations

She was impossible to “fence in” she was a free soul. 

She had stamina, and she never gave up. Was a born

herder and very young when she was introduced to

sheep for the first time.

She loved to swim and as a puppy she not only though

she could fly she also thought she could walk on water.

She loved to vade in muddy water.

She was a lady that up to she was killed learned new

skills, I don’t think there was anything she couldn’t do

– always ready for a challenge. When she was 14 years

young we had to learn her to search for chanterelles

and as with all other challenges it didn’t take long

before she got a hang of that too.

She became mother to two litters, one in 2004

(3 boys and 3 girls) and one in 2007 (two boys and

two girls)  ( see here ). She was an outstanding mother and

took care of her puppies in an excellent way. 3 of the puppies

emigrated to Sweden and made their new parents happy.  Little Heike-mother really produced some fantastic puppies, like the three first certified cadaver-dogs here in Norway, and her puppies due to their superb owners have lots of great results – some of them can be read here ( about us ) Every puppy born here has also his/hers own page. Her offspring is carrying on her legacy, and I am proud to say we can find them Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Little Heike-mother has always been a working Collie, and

haven't competed much, but she does have a few results :

Approved mentaltest

Approved working disposition test

Winner of The Red Prize in Obedience

Winner of The Red Prize in Conformation

Collie of the year in Obedience

Lots of good obedience results

Qualified obedience class 2

Approved BH-test

Winner of “Dantos Trophy” (won both times she attended)

1 year of age she herd like a pro, she has approved

herding test.

Conformation Champion in NHL – lots of great results

which also include BIG, and 3 BEST IN SHOW at NHL shows

In 2013 and 2014 I decided to show her again in conformation.

These two years she attended some shows, she was 11 ½

and 12 ½ years young.

The results she got was beyond belief.

Always excellent + 7 CQ + 1 x res.CAC + 4 x CAC +

2x BOS + 2 x BOB + 9 x BOB-Veteran +

1 x BEST IN SHOW Veteran 4.

Then you can talk about quality that lasts, she really

could move and was so correct built. 

But the most important was of course her excellent

mentality, not afraid of loud noises and she was of

course gun secure.

And not to forget a fantastic companion. 

What I in my wildest imagination would not have thought

was that only hours after Little Heike-mother had gotten

her CAC, BOS, BOB-veteran and BIS-4-Veteran,

July 11 2014 in Skien, got an nasty e-mail from another


That mail complaint about

that Little Heike-mother

had stolen the CAC from

XY and XX.

The participant also said in

the mail that Little

Heike-mother was not only

lame but also that the

judge had said that she

should take a trip to the

veterinarian !?!

That both the breed judge,

and finally Best In Show -

judge placed her with

superb critique should

even get the most naive to

believe that this is just

bullshit from jealous


This is quote from the participant : “““……did you not hear the judge told you that you should take her to a veterinary for check? possible you did it, we who stood close heard this very well. But the other two days she showed she was better .... But Yes I will admit it is pity to lose the CAC to a limping dog... " quote end.

They then wrote quote : “………From an ethic view it’s important to address showing elderly dogs. And this is a case I am going to work with, lameness can be signs of disease (and then I think in general) and it would be unethical to not treat a dog because of a show. I have experience from an animal clinic and know a lot about pain and pain management! And is it correct, to put up a lame dog, the conformation show-rules are clear. But that’s a different battle” quote end.   

It’s hard to believe that there are people so jealous of a healthy Collie that are shown so seldom and that when she is over 12 years young can’t be happy for her but instead spread sick rumors is very special. But nothing is surprising anymore.  Oh well, jealousy is very prevalent here in Norway.

As I do not care a shit about most Collie-people/Collie-breeders here in Norway I wonder if I will publish the names of these nasty jealous people (they are stupid, I have of course saved their mail with this bs).

When Little Heike-mother was more than 14 years young, and after a superb weekend when she and us were out searching for chanterelles, she suddenly got paralyzed on her hind legs.  Her veterinarian did not follow the protocol and due to the medical maltreatment she got from that veterinarian Little Heike-mother had to say goodbye to a life she loved so much. Never any apology from the veterinarian or the clinic, and this case is reported – more about the case here

After having this healthy “one-of-a-kind” spitfire or firecracker might also be a name on Little Heike-mother in my life for so many years – and having her with me through some difficult times it’s hard to understand that she in the end would be killed by a negligent veterinarian that didn't followed protocol (in my eyes no better than a quack) it’s sickening.

We regularly took blood- and urine-tests of Little Heike-mother through the years and there was never anything wrong with her internal organs.  She was “fit-as-a-fiddle” until the acute paralysis occurred.

How I will miss this crazy, proud and confident lady and seeing her zooming through the forest – running through the water like a maniac, working like a pro (no matter the task) not understanding she was a veteran and should take it a bit easier.

Absolutely not, because Little Heike-mother loved her life so much and wouldn’t miss a minute, in her own eyes she was never older than a youngster and behave like that all her life.

Even when her life was beyond rescuing, she did not want to die.

Little Heike-mother was really born a “Good Luck Charm” – and gave happiness and love to all she met.

She also had a natural authority and it was never trouble when we was hiking with other dogs-it was enough that she looked at them.

The world lost something wonderful the day that Little Heike- mother was killed by an incompetent veterinarian. And including mine, many hearts were broken that day.  It’s still unbelievable to know that my little Heike-mother is gone forever.

Thank you so much to breeder Wanda and Lasse Forsberg  for letting me have this fantastic female and for your interest through the years, that meant a lot. I was so grateful for the opportunity to buy Little Heike-mother.

She is waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge, and in the meantime she is playing with Samantha, Sammie and Sheppegutt.

Gorgeous Baby Little Heike-mother
Little Heike-mother is checking her sheep
Little Heike-mother loves to run through muddy water
Little Heike-mother is checking out her Dantos trophies
Little Heike-mother CC, BOS, BOB-Veteran and finally BEST IN SHOW 4 VETERAN
Pictures of a healthy Little Heike-mother before and after the show where she - according to other participants - stole the CC from them
Little Heike-mother loves to chase cats up in the tree
Little Heike-mother with her sheep
Little Heike-mother obedience competition
Little Heike-mother fetching metal-dumbbell
Little Heike-mother coming with a bucket full of flowers
Little Heike-mother playing, spring 2016
Little Heike-mother with her sheep
Little Heike-mother playing with water
Little Heike-mother working
Little Heike-mother is studying her sheep
Nosy Little Heike-mother checking a beehive
Baby Little Heike-mother
Little Heike-mother - picture taken by Lene Ellingsen
Little Heike-mother playing
Little Heike-mother tracking
Little Heike-mother 14 years young eating yummy cake
Little Heike-mother playing
Little Heike-mother Fieldsearch
Little Heike-mother playing
Little Heike-mother "High Jump"
Little Heike-mother listening to music
Little Heike-mother from an obedience competition
Gorgeous Little Heike-mother
Little Heike-mother - picture taken by Lene Ellingsen
Little Heike-mother watching funny videos on YouTube
Little Heike-mother loves bananas
Little Heike-mother looking at bubbles
Little Heike-mother can of course walk on all types of surfaces
Little Heike-mother fieldsearch - Back with object
Gorgeous Little Heike-mother
Little Heike-mother eating berries - see how happy she is
Little Heike-mother summer 2016 As always full speed ahead
Little Heike-mother playing - 13 years young
Little Heike-mother walking on the floating dock
Little Heike-mother with her sheep
Little Heike-mother enjoying the water
Little heike-mother relaxing - such a sweetheart
Little Heike-mother learned how to find chanterelles fall 2016
Little Heike-mother fieldsearch – back with object, this time a shotgun cartridge
A very young Little Heike-mother
Little Heike-mother with her hardhat on
Little Heike-mother in high jump
Little Heike-mother summer 2016 - still moving perfect
Little Heike-mother with her sheep
Little Heike-mother as a very young lady
Little Heike-mother enjoying aday by the seaside 2016
Little Heike-mother after a wet and rainy obedience competition
Little Heike-mother training obedience - here she is 13 years young !!
Little Heike-mother with her backpack 2015
Little Heike-mother in high jump - picture taken by Lene Ellingsen
Little Heike-mother loves to swim
Little Heike-mother with her sheep
Little Heike-mother with one of her toys
Little Heike-mother training balance
Little Heike-mother with her prizes from a three day show - not bad for a veteran
Fantastic Little Heike-mother tracking 14 years young
Little Heike-mother jump
Little Heike-mother is dancing
Little Heike-mother playing hide-and-seek
Little Heike-mother with her sheep
Little Heike-mother as a baby
Little Heike-mother a day at a show with her prizes
Gorgeous Little Heike-mother
Little Heike-mother with her sheep
Gorgeous Little Heike-mother
Little Heike-mother learning how her puppies should be digging - and they were fast learners
Little Heike-mother - always happy
Little Heike-mother with her sheep
Little Heike-mother 13 years young
Little Heike-mother tracking
Little Heike-mother tracking 14 years young
So so beautiful - Little Heike-mother
Little Heike-mother playing
Little Heike-mother as a baby with her grandmother Sammie (totally out of coat after being in heat)
Little Heike-mother with her surprise-expression
Little Heike-mother born a digger
Little Heike-mother on the front cover of Swedish Collie Club Magazine number 1 2004
Little Heike-mother on the front cover of Norwegian Collie Magazine number 2 2003
Little Heike-mother on the back cover of Norwegian Collie Magazine number 3 2006