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Sheppegutt on his motorbike
Sheppegutt jump



March 15 1996  -  October 21 2009

lived 13 years 7 months and 6 days

CEA/PRA/Cataract free

born in a HD-free litter

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Gorgeous Sheppegutt
Gorgeous Sheppegutt's face

This fantastic boy, Sheppegutt is out of my B-litter, and he was born March 15 1996, in a litter of three boys. 

Even after all these years I cannot forgive myself for selling him. 

He was a confident and happy-go-lucky 8 weeks young pup when he left

for his new owners - even if my gut feeling said no. 

I had contact with his

owner several times during these 2 ½ years before I was able to

get him back. 

It was only the last months it seems that it was a problem. 

I got a phone where the owner said he wouldn’t have him anymore,

Sheppegutt was also mating “every female” he saw in that county

according to his owner, with some puppies as the results.

It was nothing to discuss, Sheppegutt should of course come home

(puppies I have sold have always had an open return if there are

something wrong)

Thank God that he contacted me so I could buy him back.

I was not allowed to get Sheppegutt where he lived – but we met on a

place near a motel some km north of Oslo.  I was not allowed to see

Sheppegutt either until I had paid the owner. 

Had I knew what state Sheppegutt was in I had driven up and taken

him and reported the owner.

When I had paid, we went out to the cars and what I saw was not the confident and happy-go-lucky pup I had sold a couple of years before. Poor poor Sheppegutt.

He had a broken tooth, a broken toe, full of scabs on the body after having been bitten and he was also terrible thin. Extremely afraid (especially of men’s hands – hmmmmmmm wonder why). 

I took him to the veterinarian, the broken tooth was pulled out but nothing could be done with his broken toe. His terrible coat (and skin) became great with good nutrition and he also gained weight.

I had to build up his trust for people especially men, and it was important to start working with him, both mentally and physical

At the beginning it was impossible to train him, he just laid down and “locked himself in a bubble”.

Gradually he “waked up”. He was starting to love working and to get challenges, he also learned that men’s hands was something to get cuddle of, treats of and nothing negative. This show how mentally strong he was born, nothing wrong with this boy’s genes.

It took 8 months before I could say he was “back to where he should be”. Tender loving care can do wonders with a lost soul.

I can’t express how much I loved this boy, he was the type that really got under your skin and stayed there. There was no mean bone in his body, It’s difficult to understand how he could be so kind after his terrible first years. A fantastic Sheppegutt.

He also became a great obedience-,

tracking- and search dog and also loved herding.

We did not compete much, but have some results in

tracking and obedience.  In conformation in NHL he

became a Champion. And in an unofficial show he was

Best In Show.

At the age of 13 years I showed him and he got a fantastic

result, Best In Show Veteran 4.

Sheppegutt adored children, he loved to play and one of

his dearest hobbies was to climb ladders.

How I miss this fantastic boy, Sheppegutt. He was

everything I could ask for, endurance, faithfulness

and intelligence – a fantastic companion.

He is waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge, and in the

meantime he is playing with Samantha, Sammie

and Little Heike-mother

Baby Sheppegutt
Sheppegutt with his prizes - 13 years young - what a boy
Sheppegutt fetching dumbbell
Sheppegutt jump
Sheppegutt with his sheep
Sheppegutt fieldsearch
Sheppegutt with metal dumbbell
Sheppegutt on the ladder
Sheppegutt loves to swim
Sheppegutt playing
Sheppegutt playing with his ball
Sheppegutt relaxing with Monica
Sheppegutt relaxing
Sheppegutt in an american collie magazine
Sheppegutt on the front-page of Norwegian Collie Club Magazine number 3 2004
Fantastic beautiful Sheppegutt in the snow