Echuca Dynamite Delinquent Tengel
TengelMan playing
TengelMan stearing at his ball before attacking





Born July 5 2007 - Died  June 11 2018

lived 10 years and 11 months and 6 days

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Gorgeous TengelMan
Gorgeous TengelMan's face

This lovely and sweet boy, TengelMan, is out of my D-litter. 

He was born July 5 2007, in a litter of four, two girls and two boys,

and extreme strong-willed. 

He was a real handful his first years, and as he has always thought

he know best it was extremely difficult to train the first years.

Lots of patience and trying to not be irritated – but I can

promise that was not easy.

Tasks were he could be more independent at he showed how

excellent he was, like herding, field search, search and tracking.

Obedience, not as much – he didn’t think that was fun at all in the

beginning (except fetching his dumbbell and jump).

I do love this kind of dogs, they are a bit difficult

when they are pups and youngsters but my

goodness what individuals they are becoming

when they grow up and things fall in their

place. It’s a real challenge and TengelMan

was born with the fire inside, just as his


He has never been a very social man, he

think he can manage without people.  He do

loves female dogs, but have no problem

with male dogs.  There are not an aggressive

bone in his body.

He is extremely independent, curious and it has always been full speed ahead. As you can understand I started of course to train him as a young pup, but he wasn’t ready to compete in obedience until he was about three years young.

And even then he was not very concentrated. He hardly get through a competition without a 0 in one or more exercises, even if he still got 1 prizes. 

He is trained in SAR, tracking, obedience and herding, and he was starting to be a great dog that could concentrate and he is a Collie that want to do his best and love to work.

It did take a few years to get him ready for real competing, I took his mental-tests etc for him being able to start competing in tracking as he showed to be an fantastic tracker.

Just for fun, as it don’t mean a lot to me, I wanted to show him in conformation. Just as in 2013, he attended a three-day conformation show 2014 in Skien, not very far from me.

The first day he got CC, Best Male and BOB – a fantastic result. He was placed alone in the tent for a little while, and when we came back a person XY was fooling around outside our tent.  Didn’t think more about it – even if it was a bit strange. The next day we met XY again and we had never seen XY so happy when XY said hello with a huge grin on h** face. My mother reacted and thought this was strange too, but again didn’t think more about it. What happened in the tent and what TengelMan was give – we don’t know.

TengelMan got sick the same day but became a tiny bit better.  And from there it was good days and not so good days until he got gradually worse.  It was nothing contagious as my other two Collies at the time never got sick.


It was taken blood-tests and feces test and we found growth of things that shouldn’t be there.  He was treated at Nordberg Animal-clinic and veterinarian Geir Erik Berge.  Veterinary Berge – even if he now knew what TengelMan was “infested” with – did not wanted to give antibiotic etc, he thought we should give oat-bran (yes when I write this it seems really sickening), there was also other “alternative stuff” TengelMan should try.  Of course nothing worked properly.

I asked veterinarian G.E. Berge to refer TengelMan to

Norwegian Veterinary school of Science several times, but it

took weeks before he did that.  Nordberg Animal-clinic told

me they had referred him – I called Norwegian Veterinary

school of Science that haven’t heard anything.  I had to nag a

lot for this clinic to refer him to a specialist.

At last TengelMan was able to get correct treatment at

Norwegian Veterinary school of Science, and a fantastic

veterinarian professor Ellen Skancke. Some of TengelMan’s

intestines is destroyed – I don’t say that he would have been

totally fine/or better than he is now but with a swifter

referral to Norwegian Veterinary school of Science, maybe

his intestine would not has been so damaged. 

He has been through so much and still have no problem visiting

his new veterinarian/ Norwegian Veterinary school of Science.

As veterinarian professor Ellen Skancke said about him : “He

is a very sympathetic patient”.

He is on lifelong expensive medication because of what happened to him in Skien – but they didn’t kill him.

Some years ago I worked at Norwegian Veterinary Institute

and I know how easy it is to get hold of bacteria’s etc

if working in a place like this (no, these people that poisoned

TengelMan does not work at this particular Institute).

Some of his results:

NCH (NHL) Champion

He has BOS, BOB and BIG in NHL

A great search-, herding-, tracking and obedience dog

Vestfold County working Champion

Approved BH-Test

Good results in obedience and conformation

Approved working dog test

Winner of "The Red Prize in Obedience"

Winner of “The Red Prize in Conformation”

"Collie of the Year in Obedience"

Approved mentality-test

Qualified for Obedience Class 3

He has several CQ, a res.CC and a CC + BOB

He is of course not afraid of noises and are gun secure. He is a great young man in every way, and my last link to Little Heike-mother.

It’s sad and it make me very angry but I will never be able to

compete with him again because of what happened to him in Skien –

so so sad with a Collie that really shows that he has what it

takes to work.

And my goodness he is great both outside and inside

Because of what happened in Skien, I am depending on others

if I would have compete again with my other Collie – I don’t dare

to let my Collies be unattended for a second if XX and/or XY

should show  up.

It’s so easy to destroy everything for others and unfortunately

it’s seldom there are any reactions. That’s the Collie-community

in Norway.

Showing Collie in conformation here in Norway – just be careful –

there are some nasty Collie-owners/Collie-breeders “out there”.

Baby TengelMan
Baby TengelMan "working"
TengelMan outside Norwegian Veterinary School of Science before he could get home again after being admitted for several days
TengelMan after an obedience competition
TengelMan "Collie of the year in Obedience"
TengelMan in "High Jump"
TengelMan tracking
TengelMan and his sheep
TengelMan with his sheep
TengelMan fetching dumbbell
TengelMan with his sheep
TengelMan playing
TengelMan fieldsearch - Back with object
TengelMan playing
TengelMan CC and BOB
TengelMan SAR - Back with "message"
TengelMan training balance
TengelMan love eating bananas
TengelMan with his sheep
TengelMan with his "snow-face"
TengelMan flying in the snow
TengelMan relaxing in a tree
TengelMan with backpack
TengelMan moving
TengelMan jumping
TengelMan with his prizes from a three day show
TengelMan has climbed up a tree
Baby TengelMan
TengelMan in the water
TengelMan jumping
TengelMan jumping (picture taken by Lene Ellingsen)
TengelMan says "moooove"
TengelMan with his sheep
TengelMan playing
TengelMan jumping
Gorgeous TengelMan
TengelMan with his sheep