Vaccine Info


                                                                               It's no doubt in my mind that we are overvaccinating

                                                                               our dogs

                                                                               My Collies get their vaccination every third year because

                                                                                I have to as I compete with them.

                                                                                Have never vaccinated agains bordatella, but unfortunately                                                                                    this time they got it, october 1. 2010, Nobivac BbPi in the                                                                                      nose.

                                                                                Little Heike-mother lost her smelling.

It took nearly 5 weeks for Little Heike-mothers sniffer to return, that she at least could smell treats, but she has now a nearly functional nose again. None of my Collies would ever get that vaccine again. And nothing is going up my Collies nose ever again axept perhaps saltwater.

And as from march/april 2012 she is able to doing field search again - as before.

It's great to see her working again - here is a video of her doing a bit of field search : See here

Isn’t it strange that we vaccinate children but very rare adult, and  dogs every third year?  Dogs of today have huge health problems, skin problems, allergy, itching, stomach-problems, thyroid-problems, epilepsy etc – could it be that vaccination is the cause of some of the problems – I am sure vaccination can trigger a host of diseases, including allergies and malignant tumors.

Symptoms of vaccinosis can appear weeks and months after vaccination and it could be difficult to see the connection with the vaccine. If possible only give one vaccine at a time.

After a vaccination give the homeopathic remedy Thuja D30 – 1 dose for 5 days






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