Pictures january 2014
From left Little Heike-mother, TengelMan and Wild Villemo

At last we got some snow - and a lot of it (january 17-18 2014).  My Colliecrew love it. Little Heike-mother injured her eye some time ago (she got a stick in her right eye) and that's why she is still wearing a mask

Wild Villemo
Little Heike-mother
Front from left TengelMan and Wild Villemo, Little Heike-mother in the back
Wild Villemo
Little Heike-mother (back) and TengelMan
Wild Villemo
From left TengelMan and Little Heike-mother

Little Heike-mother, Wild Villemo, TengelMan

Wild Villemo
From left Wild Villemo, TengelMan and Little Heike-mother
From left Wild Villemo, Little Heike-mother, TengelMan