Echuca Daredevil And Dashing Bamse


                    Born July 5 2007,   CEA - crd


This lovely boy, Bamse, is living with Terje and Gro not far from me and I am able to see him often.  He is a very clever and intelligent boy. In addition to Train some obedience and tricks he is also trained in finding chanterelles and are a clever trackingboy.  He can dance and he speaks.  He also love playing with frisbees and teddybears.

When visitors are coming to his home he stands on his two backlegs and jump forward to see who it is - see pictures of him doing that below

This boy is fast as a rocket and as his name says he is a daredevil and he is extremely dashing.  He is not afraid of anything and don't care if it's thunder or gunshots or fireworks, a very stable Collie - the type we want (at least the type I love)