Black Gary My Villemo To Echuca

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Wild Villemo's 8 first weeks, from birth to her arrival at Gardermoen Airport

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            March 13 2011 - September 11 2021

Lived 10 years, 5 months and 29 days

Gorgeous Villemo
Villemo, So so beautiful

It was time again in 2011 to look for another female.  As I had a great

male in TengelMan, I was looking for a pup that was not related to

anyone of the dogs that’s behind TengelMan, as the plan was to in

the future use him. And hopefully get some lovely puppies.


I found a female-pup in Finland that could be of interest, she did

have some interesting dogs on her father’s side, but there was

much “show-collies” behind her also (which was not quite desirable

for me). But yes, I decided to buy one of the ladies from a litter and

she arrived to Norway with plane.

Her name was Black Gary My Villemo To Echuca, and what’s special

was that she was born March 13 2011, exactly 18 years after my

gorgeous Sammie.


She was bred by Mari, and I was sure – by all the contact we had before

I got Villemo – that she was a breeder that wanted to have contact and

wanted to know what happened with the pup she produce – in this

case Villemo. I must praise Mari for coming with her to Gardermoen

Airport, that was extremely kind.  We drove just outside the airport

for some tucker and talk, discussing Villemo and our contact



It took a couple of months, can’t say I was mailing/contacting her

more than I have done my other breeders, but she stopped answering

my mails and don’t have any contact anymore. 

I was not aware that in Finland it’s not common (according to Mari)

to have contact with their puppy-buyers (as Mari told me in her mail),

I didn’t know that. For me as a puppy-buyer (and a former breeder)

it has been important to have contact with my breeders

(and my own puppy-byers). Well, maybe it’s me that are demanding

too much, but of the four females I have bought through the years

I have had great contact with three. It’s a bit sad, myself I follow my puppies

from the day they are born to the day they die.  


When Wild Villemo came to Gardermoen and was ready for immigration and out in the hall

she owned the airport.  She was so incredible confident and thought the whole place was

made for her, she said hello to lots of strange people and had much fun.

The road trip from Gardermoen went great and Wild Villemo slept the whole way – not a

squeak from her.  She came home and walked in like she was born here.

Wild Villemo is a great lady, feisty, eager and fearless spitfire. She is a happy-go-lucky

lady with a great attitude and extremely sure of herself, plenty of confidence in this little


She does have one bad habit, she have huge problems keeping quiet – on the other

hand she has much to tell. She is a very funny lady.


I started to train her when she came to me and showed to be a fantastic search-lady,

she has also tried obedience, herding, field-search and tracking. She love to please

and find it fun to train and learn different types of skills.

She is a happy lady, loves to jump and is fast as a wind.  She adores people, but are

not very fond of other dogs, except for her bigsister Little Heike-mother and brother



When she was nearly 6 months young I showed her once in a puppy-show

(September 9th 2011) and the result was BOB.  Great result and she behaved superb.

This was the only puppy-show I took her to.

As an adult I showed her at a few conformationshows with fantastic results: 

3xCQ, 1xres.CAC, 1xCAC and 1xBOS.

Winner of “The Red Prize in Conformation”.

Superb in obedience

Tried in herding

Superb in search and rescue

Superb i tracking

Superb in fieldsearch

Of course gun-secure


I had great plans mating her but as I have still not done it,

and she is now 6 years young there will not be any puppies

from her.

Because of the terrible incident where TengelMan was

poisoned at a show in Skien Wild Villemo will not be

competing more either as I am depending on others

to company me. I would not have dared being at shows

where these Colliebreeders/people are and what they

can do to Villemo.


These last years Villemo has worked as my service dog

and she was absolutely excellent. She was a fabulous


My extremely kind and special service dog Villemo died

beside me early morning November 11 2021.

Totally devastating and heartbreaking.

Gorgeous Baby Villemo
Villemo has arrived to Norway - and let everyone at Gardermoen Airport know that
Villemo BOB at her first and only puppyshow
My Service dog Villemo
Villemo is a jumping girl
Puppy Villemo training fetch - 4 month young
Villemo biking
Villemo a happy lady
Villemo training with her sheep
Wild Villemo tracking
Little gorgeous Villemo
Villemo educated as a service-dog
Villemo playing and just having fun
Villemo with 4 kg dumbbell
Villemo searching for treats
Villemo training jump
Villemo training fieldsearch
Villemo training bitework
Villemo with her lawnmower
Villemo at a opening
Villemo with a sunflower
Villemo and Jahn Teigen
Cute Villemo
Villemo with her fantastic  prizes from a three days show
Villemo singing
Villemo with flowers
Gorgeous Villemo
Villemo with her backpack
Villemo jumping
Gorgeous Villemo
Villemo simply loves presents