Annabelle Samantha
Gorgeous Samantha
Samantha and her mate Daffy

HD - Free

CEA - Free


July 20 1984 - April 15 1993

lived 8 years 8 months and 26 days

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Gorgeous Samantha
Gorgeous Samantha relaxing

Samantha was my first Collie, she was born on a farm July 20 1984 in a litter of six, her breeders were Ulf and Tom Otto.  I never forget her look when I first saw this awesome young pup, a wild one, and so incredible cute. She had an attitude and fire inside her that I fell in love with instantly. She was a feisty little girl and it was no doubt that she was the one I wanted.

I had read about Collies, and how great they were as sheep-herders. It’s a bit strange that I didn’t chose a border collie but I was extremely lucky and Samantha was the born herder. She also had a mother, Tussie, that took care of her families chickens.  Samantha was born with a strong herding instinct. It didn’t matter if it was cows, sheep or bull-calves.  Give her the command and out she went fetching the herd. We just stood waiting in front of the barn, after a short amount of time we heard them coming. Samantha was also an excellent tracker and was also trained in search.

Samantha was such a fun lady, very kind and always ready for exciting stuff.  She loved to work but also loved her backpack when we were hiking. She couldn’t stand walking in a leash and therefor seldom did. She loved both people and other animals, there were not a single bad bone in her body.

With Samantha I was totally smitten with the breed rough collie, that’s not only intelligent and kind but also extremely beautiful and always ready for fun.  With what I have seen through the years I absolutely realize I had been lucky getting a first collie I was able to work and that was excellent both on outside and inside. 

When she was 5 years young in 1989 we began training

obedience and competed some too.   

I think she did awesome and her are some of her results :

Collie of the Year in Obedience 1990

Collie of the Year in Obedience 1991

Winner of “The Red Prize in Obedience”

Winner of Bellis and Jason’s Prize

Winner of OODK Prize in Obedience 1990

Approved Working disposition test

Club-champion in Obedience

Won several obedience-prizes from the year we started

training in the fall 1989 and to 1992.

She also got 1.prizes in conformation 

Regardless of her results, the most important was of course the kind and loving lady she was, my absolute friend and companion. I couldn't wished for a better Collie. I got lucky already the first time and Samantha showed me how a Collie should be.

When she was only 8 years of age she got sick, and lost a lot of weight. The veterinarians found cancer (adenocarsinoma) in her stomach. Samantha was treated in the Norwegian School of Veterinary Science and in Norwegian Radium Hospital, with a treatment called Photodynamic Therapy. 

In spite of treatment from both veterinarians and human-doctors she died only 6 months after the diagnosis, 1993 April 15.

Absolutely heartbreaking.

Thank you to her two breeders Ulf Fosseland and Tom Otto Lomark for letting me have her.  And thank you for the interest you shown through Samantha’s life, that meant a lot.

She is waiting for me at Rainbow Bridge, and in the meantime she is playing with Sammie, Sheppegutt and Little Heike-mother

Baby Samantha
Cute Samantha
Samantha with her cows
Samantha with her cows
Samantha with her cows
Samantha with her cows
Samantha with grandmother
Samantha with her backpack
Samantha and her mate Jens are playing
Samantha with her metal dumbbell
Samantha tracking
Samantha winner of Bellis and Jasons Prize in obedience
Samantha stealing chocolate
Samantha SAR
Samantha ready for a cold day
Samantha competing in agility
Samantha sitting cute
Samantha - winner of an obedience competition
Samantha with her chickens
Samantha on the front-page of our Norwegian Collie Club Magazine number 4 2003