Visit Tessa's home July 30 2009

Thursday july 30 2009 we took a trip to Svinndal to visit the family Lomark and Heikes daughter Tessa that we haven't seen in two years. She has grown into a very beautyful lady and have the same intelligent keen eyes that her mother Heike has. It was so fun to see her again.

Tried to take some photoes of Tessa and the other Collie that they have, Teddy, and my own three. And I can promise it wasn't easy, they were all over the place.

Back from left Little Heike-mother, Tessa, Front Teddy and Sheppegutt
Tessa and Teddy
Tessa (back) and Little Heike-mother
From left Sheppegutt, TengelMan, Teddy and Little Heike-mother