About Us

My name is Elizabeth, and I live in Norway, Vestfold county, 80 km south of our capitol Oslo. At present time I have two Collies, Little Heike-mother's adorable son TengelMan and a little crazy and mischievous lady Wild Villemo


When I bought my first Collie in 1984, Annabelle Samantha, I wanted a female that could work sheep and cows. And with her I was sold, I totally felled in love with the breed, that’s not only intelligent and kind but also extremely beautiful and always ready for some fun. Samantha was everything I could wish for as my first Collie, she teach me so much and we worked sheep and cows, and we trained obedience, tracking and search. She was my heart-dog, and to lose her just 8 years young was heartbreaking.

When Samantha tragically died in 1993 I bought another female Collie, Sammie. And what a pup Sammie was. She was a natural SAR-dog, she was an excellent herder and obedience dog. In time she would also be Norway’s Most Versatile Meritated Collie (meritated in both search&rescue, tracking, obedience (Elite-champion), conformation (also a champion), herding, approved mentally and working disposition test. She was also HD free, and cea/pra/cataract free, normally thyroid.


I got my kennel prefix Echuca in 1996, and so far I have had three litters, 1996 – three boys, 2004 – three boys and three girls and 2007 – two boys and two girls. I will never be a breeder with lots of litters. My motto is quality before quantity. I have bought Collies from other breeders and by some it feels like it’s more important to sell the pup, then to follow up, that make me very disappointed and show me that that kind of breeder is not a kind I will be. I want to be there for my puppy-buyers no matter what.


My goal as a breeder is to produce healthy puppies, with excellent mentality, with working abilities and proper Collie temperament (intelligent, gentle and active) with no trace of nervousness.

The parents I use in my breeding is of course gun-secure and don’t react negatively on loud sounds, they have also proven that they can work (SAR, herding, tracking obedience). It’s of course important that the parents are good constructed, sweet expression and look like a Collie but as Steve Field said : "The Collie is a herding dog, it does not walk on its head".

For me the Collie is a working dog, and I think it is important to preserve it as that. And before breeding not only consider the outside of the dog but also the inside, for me a good mentallity and health is alfa and omega. It’s no use to be beautiful - if one is afraid of everything. In my breeding I only use parents that have approved some kind of mentality test, they are health tested and my own Collies also have to prove that they can herd.


13 puppies have been born here at Echuca, and among these there are some superb result, here are some : Norway’s only double champion in tracking / three certified cadaverdogs / three trackingchampions / two approved BH-test (only two has attended) / one competing in obedience Elite /four qualified for obedience class 3 / several qualified for obedience class 2 / several approved in obedience class 1 / several CC’s resCC’s, BOB, BOS, BIG, BIS-placed / one CollieSM-winner in obedience / one approved in higher class tracking / one qualified for higher class tracking / one with LP-title / two champions in NHL / Collies of the year in Norway in both tracking and obedience / Vestfold county champion in working class / several mentality-tested and lots of other good placements.

Thank you so much to my puppy-buyers for showing “my puppies” to these awesome and fantastic results. All my puppy-buyers means a lot to me - no matter if they compete or not. I am truly blessed.


Puppies from Echuca Working Collies are tested at about 7 weeks of age (Vollhart puppy Atitude test). When they are sold they are eye-tested by a certified ophthalmologist, vaccinated, health examined, treated for worms and registrated in Norwegian Kennel Klub. When they leave the will take with them a toy, food-bowl, food, blanket that smells of siblings/mother, and some tips regarding training etc.

I will follow the puppies from they are born to they die, and the buyers will get lifelong help in training/trainingtips and when living near they will get help in nail-clipping etc on the puppy as long as the puppy live.


When selling a puppy it’s very important for me to have contact with the buyer, and that the buyer can contact me if it should be anything. My puppy-buyers shall know that I will always be there for them


Collies that are and have been in my kennel :


Black Gary My Villemo To Echuca, born march 13 2011

BH NCH (NHL) Echuca Dynamite Delinquent Tengel, born july 5 2007

BH NCH (NHL) Dantos Good Luck Heike To Echuca, born april 20 2002 - january 10 2017

NCH (NHL) Echuca Berry Bush Big Brainy Bandit, born march 15 1996 - october 21 2009

N L(Elite)CH NUCH (NHL+NKK) Chesseva's Classic Charming Sammie, born march 13 1993 - january 17 2006

Annabelle Samantha, born july 20 1984 - april 15 1993


From left, Sammie, Little Heike-mother and Sheppegutt (photo taken 2002)