Conformationshow Skien july 26-28 2013



SHOW SKIEN JULY 26-28 2013

I don't often show my Collies at conformation shows - but the weekend 26 - 28 july 2013 I showed all of my crew, Little Heike-mother (11 years young), TengelMan (6 years young) and Wild Villemo (2 years young).

And my goodness what a weekend we had. I still can't believe it. Thank you so much to fantastic judges that loved my Collies so much. Thank you also to my mother that helped me these three days.


Unfortunately Villemo lost all her coat to shedding the week we showed, and lost som prizes due to that.


Totally we got 5xCQ, 2xCAC, 3xres.CAC, female, 1x2 best male. 2xBOB and 3xBOB-VETERAN

Little Heike-mother
Little Heike-mother
Wild Villemo

Results day one, friday July 26 Breed Judge: Roberto Schill


Little Heke-mother: Excellent – 1VETK – CQ – Best Female - CAC – BOB – BOB VETERAN


TengelMan: VG - 1 Open class


Wild Villemo: Excellent – 1 Open Class - CQ - res.CAC - 2 Best Female

Results day two, saturday July 27 Breed Judge: Anca Giura


Little Heike-mother: Excellent – 1VETK – CQ – 2Best Female - res.CAC – BOB VETERAN


TengelMan: Excellent – 2 Open Class – CQ – 2Best Male - res.CAC


Wild Villemo: Excellent - 3 Open class

From left TengelMan, Little Heike-mother, Wild Villemo
Little Heike-mother
Wild Villemo
Little Heike-mother

Results day three, sunday July 28 Breed Judge: Antonio De Lorenzo


Little Heike-mother: Excellent – 1VETK – CQ – Best Female - CAC – BOB – BOB VETERAN


TengelMan: VG - 2 Open Class (too masculine)


Wild Villemo: VG - 1 Open Class

Little Heike-mother
Little Heike-mother